New Customer FAQ's

A State Bank Group Banking Service Welcome Harvard Savings Customers!

Here are Answers to Questions concerning The State Bank Group Acquisition of Harvard Savings Bank.

Questions Concerning the Acquisition

Q: How did The State Bank Group acquire Harvard Savings Bank?

A: A Purchase and Assumption Agreement between the two parties was entered into on May 20, 2015 and was ultimately closed on July 31, 2016. This acquisition marks the first of its kind for The State Bank Group since its inception in 1979. The State Bank Group has been a leading bank in McHenry County and has consistently delivered exceptional customer service and we will continue to do so with the same familiar friendly faces that you have come to know and trust. The State Bank Group is a locally owned McHenry County bank. Combined with Harvard Savings Bank, we can proudly say that our banks offer over 100-years of community banking service and experience. Combining our resources brings a continued commitment to community banking and supporting our communities at-large.

Questions Concerning Account Information and Services

Q: How does this change affect me and my Harvard Savings Bank account?

A: If you had a deposit account at Harvard Savings Bank Prior to July 31, 2016, you will now be a deposit account of The State Bank Group, a Member FDIC bank. All deposits are FDIC insured under one bank up to $250,000. Prior important notifications regarding specific deposit accounts and loan accounts were sent to all Harvard Savings Bank Customers by regular mail. Rest assured, you will continue to access your Harvard Savings Bank accounts as you have been. The Harvard Savings Bank routing number, account numbers, checks and deposit slips remain the same. We are dedicated to making the transition as seamless as possible and you will experience uninterrupted service for all of your banking needs, including debit cards, ATM, online banking, bill pay, direct deposit (social security, payroll), ACH, safe deposit boxes, overdraft protection, e-statements or statement delivery by mail. When any change is required, a communication will be provided in a timely manner with detailed instructions to our customers.

Q: What happened to the Harvard Savings Bank website?

A: The State Bank Group welcomes you to a new website where your Harvard Savings Bank loan account information, online banking, e-statement and check reorder logins are available to you. Once you navigate to the respective logins for Harvard Savings Bank, you will be able to login to your online banking account, bill pay and retrieve e-statements as you always have. A single website provides The State Bank Group the opportunity to assist you better when it comes to communication about your accounts and any future notifications regarding the transition. If you attempt to go to the Harvard Savings Bank website you will be directed to The State Bank Group website. Look for our welcome message and other helpful information. You can also go directly to and look for the related links for Harvard Savings Bank customers. Again, your online banking and e-statement experience will remain unchanged once you arrive at the new login destination. Save this new link for seamless access moving forward.

Q: Will Harvard Savings Bank locations have a name change?

A: There are no plans at this time to change the names of any of the locations.

Q: What about any outstanding checks that have not yet cleared?

A: Checks that were drawn on your account before the acquisition will be handled as they always have and be honored up to your available balance.

Q: Will I need to order new checks?

A: No, you will order checks the same way you have in the past.

Q: Will there be any changes in my interest rates or fees?

A: Harvard Savings Bank's rates will be reviewed by The State Bank Group and may be adjusted; however, you will be notified in writing on changes when required by regulation.

Q: How do I make my loan payments?

A: If you have a loan with Harvard Savings Bank, you should continue to make payments to the bank as you have always done and unless you are instructed otherwise.

Q: Will I need to change any automatic debits or recurring payments that I have set up?

A: No

Q: How can I access my telephone banking?

A: If you previously used EZ Bank telephone banking, your service will be uninterrupted.

Q: Can funds be wired to me and from my Harvard Savings Bank account?

A: Funds can be wired by contacting your closest branch. Simply provide to us the information regarding your wire request and it will be handled with the highest priority.

Q: What will happen to my safe deposit box and can I use my same key?

A: All safe deposit box services remain unchanged and the key you have will still work.

Q: Can I use The State Bank Group ATMs for free?

A: Yes. The State Bank Group is making every attempt to provide ATM service at any ATM owned by The State Bank Group, including Harvard Savings Bank ATMs free of charge. If you should experience an ATM fee from an ATM owned by The State Bank Group, please contact us so that we may reverse the fee.

Q: Will I still be able to go to the same employees I have come to know and trust?

A: Yes. As with any transaction of this type, some changes are unavoidable; however, at The State Bank Group we are committed to hiring and retaining the most qualified individuals to work for the team to ensure we can provide our customers the best banking experience.

Q: Will any of the Harvard Savings Bank locations be closed?

A: There are no plans to close branches.

Q: Can I conduct my banking at any of The State Bank Group locations?

A: Yes, you can use any of the nine banking locations including your favorite Harvard Savings Bank location. See our website for all our banking and ATM locations.

In the spring of 2017, The State Bank Group plans to convert Harvard Savings Bank customers to the accounting system operated by The State Bank Group. Future communication closer to that timeline will be provided about that transition.

Q: Will the Harvard Savings Bank locations continue to have the same operating hours?

A: The hours will remain the same for a period of time but will be subject to review by The State Bank Group. Traditionally, The State Bank Group has operated with the most customer friendly hours. Changes to operating hours will be announced well in advance of making any changes.

Additional Questions Concerning the Acquisition

Q: What if I have more questions or need information regarding my accounts?

A: Please contact your local Harvard Savings Bank branch for details regarding your Harvard Savings accounts and loans.

Q: Will I still use the same phone numbers for Harvard Savings Bank locations?

A: Yes. In the near future, our banks will have one phone number. We will promptly notify our customers in advance when we can expect that enhancement to take place. We expect the transition will be seamless.

Q: Can I take advantage of additional offerings by The State Bank Group that I do not have with my Harvard Savings Bank account?

A: Yes, in some instances it would require that you open an account offered by The State Bank Group. Certain account offerings have more robust solutions such as mobile banking and mobile deposit. Please contact our customer service department at 815-728-8000 so that we may assist you. In the spring of 2017, a bank systems conversion will provide universal products and services to all our customers.

Q: What if I have additional questions on the acquisition in general?

A: Please feel free to contact the President of The State Bank Group, Stephen Mitchell at 815-728-8000. He will take your call directly, no screening, no secretary, and he will be pleased to answer any of your questions. We also encourage you to ask for any manager of The State Bank Group. We are looking forward to getting to know you.


Safe Banking Tips

Never give out the following information in an email:

  • First name, last name, business name
  • Email and password combination

  • Credit card, bank account, and PIN
  • Social security and driver's license number

Do not download attachments, software updates, or any application to your computer via a link you received in an email. The State Bank Group will not ask you to download anything for your account to work.