Bank History

The History of The State Bank Group

State Bank Group LogoState Bank (the official bank charter name) was first opened as Wonder Lake State Bank in October 1979. The leadership of the organizing charter determined that Wonder Lake and surrounding small communities were on the verge of growth and needed a local financial institution. The idea of a locally owned community bank that promoted the name of the community was a formula for success.

The bank grew over the years thanks to the continued patronage of our loyal customers. As the population of Wonder Lake and McHenry County continued to grow, the bank recognized the need to build additional banking locations in surrounding communities. If we fast forward to today, the bank has a total of six locations located on the east side of Wonder Lake and one on the west side of Wonder Lake, Johnsburg, Spring Grove, Lakemoor and Hebron. Each banking location followed the history of Wonder Lake State Bank by proudly naming each location after the community it serves.

As our bank grew, it became evident that our group of individually named banks needed an umbrella name to encapsulate the group of banking locations. The bank group is now known as The State Bank Group. Additionally, our logo changed in 2000 in effort to have a more uniform logo design for all of our banks under the umbrella of The State Bank Group. Our mission was to design a new logo that did not forget its history and reflected all our banks-today and tomorrow.Bank Logo History

Our old logo incorporated the letters WL for Wonder Lake State Bank (our first location) with an image of a sailboat. This represented the first community we served-Wonder Lake. As the bank grew and we opened additional facilities in Wonder Lake, Johnsburg and Spring Grove, the adaptability of the logo was diminished. As we prepared for the opening of our fifth location in Lakemoor, it became evident that it was time to redesign the Logo.

The redesigned logo represents many elements of our organization. The sailboat is the same sailboat that was used in the original logo, hence keeping historic elements of the logo. The size increase of the sailboat is symbolic of the growth of the Bank. The sailboat is on waves that are representative of the ability of the bank to continue to flourish in the waters of constant change in McHenry County. The addition of flying birds in the logo are represent our customers who are "soaring 35 Year Anniversary Bank Logoto new heights" by banking with their community bank-our bank. The outside border represents the strength of the institution and the inside border represents our layered services. It is a logo we can be proud of and hope you recognize the logo as your local community bank's logo and as The State Bank Group.

In 2014, we proudly celebrate our 35th Anniversary and we honor that anniversary with a special logo. We thank all of our customers who have made this anniversary possible and we look forward to serving our local communities for another 35-years.